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Alaska Range, Denali National Park

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Skating, frisbee, running, mountains, hikes, and races

Caltech Penultimate Frisbee

Caltech Penultimate logo Caltech Penultimate: we're not quite ultimate. Pictures coming soon! I also have vector graphics files for the T-shirts, send me an email if you want them. Also: still two original T-shirts left, both size XL. Let me know if you want one. The price is $14.

Inline Skating

Running Races

  • Upcoming 2004.12.12: Honolulu Marathon, benefitting Aids Project Los Angeles. Details here.
  • 2004.05.31: Fiesta Days Run for the Y, La Canada. results.
  • 2004.05.15: KELROF, Caltech's traditional 24-hour relay race. I joined the Dabney house team.
  • 2004.04.25: Nike Run Hit Wonder
  • 2004.02.08: the Firecracker 10K. Pictures here.
  • 2004.01.10: Paramount city 10K
  • 2003.12.14: Griffith park 10K race
  • 2003.11.02: Komen 5K at the Rose Bowl
More to come!