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About This Site

On The Cover

My furry neighbor takes a rest on the warm Pasadena sidewalk (September 2003).

Software and Related Tool Credits

The following software and tools were used to build this site. In no particular order:

Distribution: Red Hat Linux and others
Scripting: Perl, the Practical Extraction and Report Language
Testing and Layout: the Mozilla Web browser
Text, script, and html: vim, the Vi Improved Editor. Donate to the ICCF!
Web Server: Apache, by the Apache Software Foundation
Operating System (development and server): Linux
ITC Zapf Chancery Medium Italic typeface appears in artwork and logos.
Graphics: GIMP, the GNU Image Manipulation Program.
Site usage statistics: the Webalizer
(Not) Unix Tools: GNU, the Gnu's Not Unix project.


Unless otherwise indicated, this entire website is © 2001-2004 Mike Rubel. All rights reserved.